The Unexpected and Counter-Intuitive Lessons I Learned on a Cross-Country Bicycle Ride Which Positively Impacted Thousands of People and Picked Me Up From Rock-Bottom

In the fall of 2016, after years of battling several life-threatening health setbacks of my own, I  rode a bicycle by myself across the USA (From San Diego to St. Augustine, FL) to raise money for a 4 year old Indiana girl who needed a life-saving Surgery. When I started the journey I was literally at “rock bottom” in my life. Many friends and family members told me I was crazy to try such an adventure, ESPECIALLY all by myself! Where would I sleep at night? How would I get food and water in the desert? What if  my bicycle broke down? What if I became ill again!?!? After-all, since 2002, I had battled more bouts with acute recurrent and necrotizing pancreatitis than I care to count, I’d had bacterial meningitis, I’d become diabetic & had enough back problems to warrant FOUR spinal surgeries…….and then there was the depression which all but overtook whatever health these other problems had not yet zapped! And I won’t even get into what all of this contributed to devastating my business and professional life.

This bicycle ride became a “magic carpet ride” where people all across Texas (and the USA) showed incredible generosity and hospitality to complete strangers and touched the lives of me and literally thousands of others all over the world. This is the story of how a bunch of amazing Texans renewed peoples’ faith in humanity and, after a whole lot of reflection taught me specific and shareable life lessons that everyone can use to help overcome whatever adversity they face in life.